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I help interior designers grow their business and start designing online


How to design interiors online,
to work less and earn more?

How I can help you?

E-design: Online course

Are you looking for private assistance tailored to your time possibilities and professional needs? Do you want to have access to knowledge 24/7?

Done For You

Don't you have the time or the desire to take care of everything on your own?
I will do everything for you within 30 days!

My story

Seventeen years ago, when I quit my job, and I was pregnant, I decided to work on my own. I was looking for a form of work that would allow me to work from anywhere, for clients all over the world, and at the same time have time to look after my child. Working online was the perfect solution for all needs.

Even though the Internet in those days was far from ideal, laptops were not at all common, and the conviction to work online among customers was associated with reluctance, I stood by my own.

The year 2020 has shown that work does not have to be associated with just one place, standing in traffic jams or limiting our orders to customers who also reside in the same area. Most of the duties can be performed remotely. Not only that, most of the duties can be performed by the computer.

Through several years of experience, trials, tests, investment in training and testing almost all available tools, I was able to develop a system that I now share with others.

I know how much it makes life and work easier. Now it's time for you.

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How to design interiors via the Internet,
to work less and earn more?