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How to find your ideal client?

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How to find your ideal client?

Some people who start to create their own business primarily want to reach as many people as possible. We are attacked by accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook with a huge amount of followers. It seems to you that the guarantee of success is reaching as many people as possible with your offer, but this is not the way.

If you are serious about business and run your own business, you don’t need a huge amount of customers. You only need a few, or dozen (depending on what business you run) who will be ready to order your product or service and will be ready to pay for how much you value your work.

Therefore, at the beginning, forget about paid advertising, building a mailing list or creating your new website. If you do not know who your potential client really is, the actions I mentioned above will end up with unnecessary money and wasted time.

But how do you find your potential customer?

Here we have to explain what the niche is. It is quite a popular business slogan. Certainly, you have come across your ears more than once. But what does it really mean? A niche is a strictly defined part within a larger category.

Take the world of health and fitness, for example – it’s a gigantic category. But a personal consultant dealing with the preparation of vegan exercises and diets for busy mums aged 25-40, living within 50 km from Warsaw, is already a niche. We are talking about a niche when you can almost imagine a specific person.

Don’t focus on your product or services.

  • Think about what problem your products and services really solve?
  • Who most often has these problems?
  • Who will be most useful for your products?
  • Where are the people who need your products and services?
  • What internet platforms are they on? Not only that, make a note of specific links to these platforms, groups?
  • What websites do they read?
  • What hashtags do they follow in social media?
  • Who are they following on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube?
  • How much time do you think they spend on the Internet in / in places?
  • Describe your ideal client; how old is he or is he in a relationship, has children, what he likes and what he doesn’t, how he spends his time at work and outside
  • However, do not forget to answer honestly with which people you want to work and which you do not want to work with; you don’t really need to sell and offer your services to anyone who knocks on your door. Especially if the services you deal with require many months of cooperation, the implementation of such a project will be a challenge for you

You already know where your client is and who is. But this is not the end. Now that you know where your ideal client is, it’s time to take a look at what he writes about and what questions he asks on the Internet. It is a great base of ideas for your posts in social media, blog or simply preparing your offer.

Why is finding your niche important?

If you haven’t heard about the Blue Ocean Strategy yet, please visit What is it about? I think you can imagine sharks feeding in the ocean. When the victim (in this case, the potential client) shows up, they all start fighting for their piece of dinner. The same thing happens in business. If you are targeting too general a group of people, you have to fight your competitors for the customer. If you strictly define the image of your ideal customer, first you create the demand, secondly you will find yourself in an area where there are not many other sharks. No crazy competition, no rules set by others, or sharing demand with tons of others who are already in this market.

Besides, this type of work is much less stressful for you and your client. A satisfied customer will gladly recommend you to the next one.


Many people are terrified of finding the perfect audience and joining them in the beginning. It’s a lot of fun playing a little detective. Plus, it’s a very rewarding experience that will pay off for many years to come. Not only will it position you as an expert in a very detailed corner of your industry, but it will also make all your marketing efforts much less costly and demanding.

You will find out exactly who you are talking to before he writes or calls you. You will know how to communicate on social media, mailings and blog posts. You won’t have to go to the trouble of figuring out what to say or how to help your customers. You will almost become friends with your ideal client.

Remember: People are not only willing to pay for specialized services, but when you are able to serve as an expert, they trust you more.

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