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Design comfortably from anywhere for customers around the world. Reach more customers.
Make location no longer a problem.


October 1, 2021


You missed out!

Do you want to design interiors via the Internet?
Do you want to reach more customers,
and at the same time work from home or a beach house on the other side of the world?

Location at work of an interior designer don't need to be a problem anymore. Contact with the client and work on the project does not have to rely on the exchange of e-mails and phone calls.
It is a simpler, automatic and more professional way.

The year 2020 has passed. Remote work, via the Internet, is no longer frightening you as much as it used to be. You start to wonder, and if so, you could work more online. Not having to be stuck in traffic every time. Be able to work from anywhere. A house overlooking the lakes, or a month to go to Spain. Well, that's where the Internet also gets. Reach more customers that are not in your area?

You see more and more designers offering online design. Maybe you even offer something like that yourself, but in practice it turns out that such work is not simpler and faster. You seem to have saved the time spent on commuting to the client and on the construction site, but instead you sit on the phone and exchange a ton of e-mails with the client.

You probblably don't know what scripts, automation are all about, what tools to use for online work. How do online stores work, systems for accepting payments, issuing invoices, or bringing a virtual brief with the client, without the need to write a single email or conduct a conversation.

Marketing? Social media? How to find a client in an online world full of ads, ads and influencers.

Even if you work with an IT specialist and a marketing specialist, the costs of individually prepared remote work systems cost several dozen thousand, so you still sit, write e-mails and make calls.

If only all this work could be improved. Well, there has to be a way to do it? And is! But most designers are unaware that it could be different, simpler, more efficient.

Start designing interiors via the Internet

During 4 weeks we will discuss everything that will increase the comfort of your work on the project and will also affect the professionalism of your services.
We will discuss topics that you will not find in any interior design studies or courses.
We'll talk about marketing, pricing and social media as well.
You will also find out that you do not need 5 years of IT studies to introduce an online work system to your company.
We will discuss the tools for working on the project. You will develop a system of cooperation with the client and work on the project.
You will introduce almost full automation of work, thanks to which you can forget about writing e-mails, calling the client and trying to guess what the client meant.
And most importantly, working on the project will be easier for both you and your client.

About coach

Beata Skrzypiec is an architect and interior designer with 20 years of experience. She had the opportunity to design equally mixed interiors as well as restaurants, shops, offices and hotels. Her projects can be found both in Poland and in countries such as Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and Luxembourg. Currently, she runs her interior design coach company, and teach others how to work smart, not longer.

The knowledge transferred during the training is knowledge gained in practice. For over 17 years she has been running her company via the Internet, working and traveling around the world.

As a certified business coach, she has been sharing his business knowledge for 2 years in training and private consultations offered on the website and

What you'll learn:

WEEK 1: Marketing, email marketing, services and pricing

Each designer is different, each of you offers slightly different services. In the first week, you will determine exactly what scope of services you want to offer via the Internet. We will talk about tricks for the pricing of these services. We will define the scope of work and elements that can and cannot be automated.
We will also talk about marketing, so that at the beginning of your work on the course you start attracting customers for services that will be ready at the end of the month.
So that you can start earning money right away, and not just look for a client

  • You will choose the best services
  • You will specify their price
  • You will check your selection before putting it into effect
  • You will learn the principles of marketing in business
  • You will learn ways to increase the involvement of your followers in social media and turn them into paying customers
  • You will learn what a mailing list is and start building your own

Website, Online Store, Payment and Invoice System

How do you imagine accepting project orders? Signing a contract with a customer via the Internet? Accepting payments, advances, etc. from the customer? Of course, you can send e-mails and wait for the transfer, but that's not what it's about. You want to improve your work and increase the sales of your projects. Therefore, in the second week, we will focus on creating an online store that will automatically accept the payment and sign the contract with the customer.
We will also talk about the proper construction of a website, SEO and blog. Your website should not be a portfolio, but a place where visitors turn into customers.

  • You will choose a sales system suited to your budget
  • You choose the payment module
  • You will prepare the form of accepting payments (per m2, prepayment, total)
  • You choose the invoicing system
  • You will build your website or improve the existing one
  • You will learn why a blog on the website is important and how to easily find topics for posts
  • You will learn what SEO is and how to implement it on your website

Stages of work on the project

The client ordered the project and what next? How to automate those elements of work that can be automated? Which tools to choose? How to improve your work to focus on what is most important - project execution?

We will also talk about the elements that will keep human contact with the customer so that the customer does not feel that he is working with the machine.

  • You will prepare a system of work on the project
  • You will test the tool for remote work on the project
  • You will get to know and choose the tools that will make the customer feel special

and putting it all together

So far, we have talked about the various elements of online work on interior design. Now it's time to put it all together. Tools and systems won't work and will still require your manual work if you don't put them all together.
Therefore, in the last week of training, we will put all the pieces together in such a way that the client ordering your project will feel that you start working on the project in the same second, even if you are sleeping at the moment.

  • You will get to know the tools that will do half of the work for you
  • You will automate individual elements of your work
  • You will import ready-made scripts, which, even if you are unfamiliar with computers, will help you do everything yourself

Extra value on course

Knowledge available 24/7
All materials have been prepared by me in advance and are waiting for you 24/7. You decide when and how you learn.

Subtitles on films
Each movie has English subtitles. Even if you don't fully understand the English language or can't listen to movies out loud, you can learn comfortably by reading the subtitles.

Help on the course
You are not alone on the course. When you study with the training materials, you have access to my help on the course.

PDF files
Each lesson has been completed with pdf files for download. Thanks to them, you will more efficiently complete the tasks during the training

Why is this course different?

This course does not teach you interior design.
He teaches everything that you won't learn in any course or design studies.
You will not find the knowledge from this course in any other training. It is the knowledge that is gained through years of experience, reaching conclusions by trial and error.

You can: Spend the time and money working out your method by trial and error over several years
Or: take only 4 weeks and money to get ready tips,
which will work in your case and immediately grow your business earning more

Choose the option that's right for you


three equal monthly installments


  • Access to the course
  • Access to my personal help
  • PDF files



The course starts on October 1st. You will always find the countdown to the start of the next edition at the top of the page.


All materials are available 24/7 on the website. You don't need to organize time to attend online lessons. You also do not have to worry that you will lose anything if you do not attend an online lesson on a given day and at a given time. You can also come back to each lesson many times.


The 4-week breakdown is based on years of online training experience. The course is divided into 4 blocks, the knowledge of which has been divided into logical consecutive elements. During a given week, you focus only on the topics of the week. This way you do not feel overwhelmed, and at the same time, there is so much knowledge that you will not be bored while waiting for the next week.

However, this does not mean that you have to "get by" with the tasks during the week. You can spend as much time on them as you need. Some people complete the training in a month, others need several months for it, and that's OK too.

Remember, the most important thing is to complete the task, not just watch the videos in the course.


The help during the course is conducted in the form of active comments, by e-mail and the Q&A module on the training website. Private consultations are conducted as private coaching. 


Access to the course is launched for a period of 1 year from the start of the training and includes all updates that will appear during this period.

Will I see you on the course?

I created this course because I know how much work and stress it takes to create your own brand. A brand that will be recognizable and will reach people we care about the most.

It takes a long time to combine work on the project with childcare. And you still have to find time to sleep, eat, and the day is only 24 hours.

I have prepared for you the knowledge that I missed the most when creating my company. The knowledge is difficult to find if you limit your thinking only to interior design. The knowledge that is necessary not only at the initial stage but also when we think about the development of our company.