How to start & grow your interior design career?​

Share & Earn

Share with others and earn money

How to start?

    First, fill in your payment details. Do you see red information? Click on the inscription there and fill in the details for the transfer. At present, earned amounts are only sent via bank transfer. Remember to provide full details such as: IBAN number and SWIFT (BIC) codes.
  2. Then generate your own payment link. To do this, select Affiliate Tools> Affiliate links and click the blue Generate Link button. After a while, you will see a link generated for you that you can share with others. You can post it on social media, send it to your friends in an e-mail or private messages. Remember to share the link you generated with your friends, not the general address of the page. Only in this way will you be able to earn money on the referral. The person who clicks on the link generated by you will be redirected to our home page:
  3. If you would like to redirect your friend directly to another page, put the link of a specific page in the text box above the blue button and click Generate Link again, then copy the newly created link.
    Website visits are for information only. Visits completed with an order on the website for an amount greater than $0 entitle you to receive 25% of the order amount.
  2. Orders must be completed with payment. Unpaid, cancelled and returned orders do not qualify for earnings.
  3. The person visiting the website from the link you provided must place and complete the order within 7 days of the visit.
  4. The number of placed and completed orders on the website that entitles you to earn money can be found in the Referrals tab.
  5. Withdrawals are made once a month on the first day of the following month to the bank account provided by you.

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