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About me

Hey there!

I'm Beata Skrzypiec

Mom, designer, trainer, author of ArchiCAD textbooks, editor and author of articles on interior design, founder of NORMA - Ready Design, Ready Course.
For over 17 years I have been teaching designers and architects how to design wisely in ArchiCAD and other computer programs
Incurable optimist fascinated with flying, sea and new technologies.

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I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the designs...

About 17 years ago

I was sitting in my home, after making another empty sale call. But I had the passion to design and teach. I had a crazy idea to start teaching online. Can you imagine? Teaching online when even in city centrum was difficult to connect to the Internet.

But I decided to not listen to all the negative reasons not to grow my business, like: you don't have contacts, you don't have money, people don't like to learn online. I was not afraid to fall.

For 17 years I have succeeded

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I'm probably drinking coffee right now, somewhere on the other side of the world, and I'm planning how else I can help you develop a profitable interior design business that will allow you to create the projects you want, not what you need, for the money you dream about.

Vacation holiday. Female tourist enjoy tropical island with white sand beach, palm trees and blue ocean lagoon. Exotic paradise recreation concept.

My cooperation, trainings, experience, certificates

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