I will not write about the importance of building a mailing list in any business. Yes, interior design is the same business as any other and you also need to build your mailing list. Well, unless you design for free and you don’t want to make money on it.

No, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media are not enough. Why? If only because you do not have absolute control over when and what your potential client reads. You have no control over what and to whom what you’ve posted on social media is displayed. Not only that, overnight they can block your account or cease to exist, because why not? By creating an account on someone else’s website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this website.

Building your mailing list is pretending to be a relationship with your audience. Most people looking for an interior designer do not choose to commission the project to the first person they meet on their way. The client must get to know you better, check if you are “on the same wavelength”. And conducting e-mail communication allows him to trust you. It also has a benefit for you, as it allows you to screen out people you don’t quite want to collaborate with.

If you don’t know where to start, I have a few tips for you:

How much it’ll cost?

Zero dollars. For example, you can start with the MailerLitle tool. With this tool, you will build a mailing list completely free of charge and you can use it for free until 1000 people are on your list. Later, you’ll also pay around $ 10, which is cheap compared to the competition. You can use my link, thanks to which your account will be immediately topped up with $ 18, so even if you exceed 1000 people, you will save. https://www.mailerlite.com/invite/83234f7d71606


The fun with your mailing list is that you don’t manually write emails and spend all day communicating with your audience. If you were to send messages to each one separately, your e-mail address would be blacklisted on all possible systems after one day, and your messages would be immediately sent to SPAM. Even those shipped to customers.

Prepare a strategy

Have an idea for communication with your client. Someone subscribed to your mailing list and what next? You need to communicate with him regularly (once a week, once every 2 weeks?). It cannot be that you will remember about it after six months and send a random e-mail. Remember that someone who has signed up for your mailing list is probably looking for a designer. Your goal is to make yourself known better, to show that you know your stuff, but without being too pushy. If the second e-mail you send to him is a few months later, he will probably not remember you anymore. And he will probably have time to choose a different designer.

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