It all starts with a strategy. Usually, if we don’t have it developed, problems start to appear. Here are a few signs that things are starting to go wrong and that it’s better to get started right away.

Nobody contacts you

The first signal to watch out for is how often people contact you. What do I mean by contact? They not only ask about your services, but also ordinary reactions to your social media posts, blog comments. If you only hear crickets for a long time, it’s a sign that your message isn’t reaching the people it should be reaching.

Analyze what you’ve posted recently and how often. If it was a long time ago, go back to regular internet posting. Remember that these activities are not led from a great bell. Regularity is promoted in social media and the Internet. Otherwise, it will be hard to cut through all the posts of other people who act regularly.

If you write regularly, then the type of content you post would need to be changed because it looks like your topics are not what your customers would like to see. When was the last time you got involved with your content? What were you publishing then? Go back to the topic and try to stick to this trend

You run into tough clients all the time

Think about your current strategy? Because there is definitely something wrong with it if you attract hard cases to you. If you don’t have a strategy, it’s a must to start with.
Think who would you like to work for the most? For which people? What are these people looking for?
Start offering solutions to their needs. Analyze the content you publish on the Internet. Analyze your sales page on the website. Is there a clear message about what you offer, for whom, and for whom your services are not?
And most of all, learn to say NO. If you are convinced again that your next client might be an asshole, just say no. You don’t have to accept every possible order.

You are causing confusion

Your message on the Internet and your brand are built on your imaginary vision. Or worse, you are trying to match your brand with the competition. You are not in it and it makes no sense at all. The client is looking for a designer who will design the interior for him, but at the same time expects that the designer will understand him. He understood intuitively. That it will be good for him to work with a designer.

He chose you because it seemed to him that as a woman showing up everywhere in a suit, with full makeup, on high heels, writing in this fussy language, you will be the same live and you will perfectly understand his needs to create a luxurious interior. And you sit in a tracksuit every day. Do you feel that something is wrong here?

You can still pretend to be a different version of yourself at work and be different at “home”, but in the long run, it is tiring.

It also works the other way around. If you create a brand in harmony with yourself, you will attract customers like you, and then it will be much easier for you to create an interior for them. You just get on well and there will be fewer “hard cases”.

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