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10 things you need to know before becoming an interior designer

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10 things you need to know before becoming an interior designer

1: You know the difference between an interior designer and a decorator

The keyword here is education. Anyone who enjoys playing with colors, textures, and textiles can become a decorator these days. It is enough to print business cards, and you can promote yourself as an interior decorator. You can advise clients on arranging their interior, and no one will forbid you. However, if you want to call yourself an interior designer, it will be necessary to obtain the appropriate education. In some countries, having the appropriate education and passing certified exams is a prerequisite for starting work and calling yourself an interior designer.

2: You must have an inner passion

Interior design is a creative profession. Just as not everyone will compose a song, not everyone has an “eye” for colors and space arrangements. This is not a profession that can be learned and not everyone will be an interior designer. Merely “I would like” and “I like” here is not enough. Do your family and friends like your home? Have you ever decorated an interior yourself?

3: Interior design is not just about playing with colors and decorations

Working with fabrics, colors, and furniture is a big part of an interior designer’s job, but it is by no means limited to that. It also has a fun job. Here you have to work with homeowners, renovation teams, not infrequently architects, offices, suppliers. Your ideas will sometimes conflict with regulatory requirements. It is also many hours spent in front of the computer drawing lines, walls and correcting documentation. More than once this work is far from being fun.

4: Your earnings may turn out to be much lower than you think

If you choose the profession of the interior designer because of the amount of earnings, I advise you to think carefully and maybe choose a different career path đŸ˜‰ .
In the beginning, you will certainly not earn coconuts. Also, take into account that the project work sometimes takes many months, so your earnings are spread over time. Not every customer also pays on time. And you have to pay taxes, insurance and more every month. Working on projects is time-consuming, and performing several projects at the same time may and will affect your portfolio, but it will significantly reduce the amount of your free time.

5: Find your Specialization

Interior design is quite a broad concept. There are tons of styles and specializations, and it is finding your specialization and developing in this area that can make it easier for you to find your place in the market. Find something that really interests you and expand your knowledge about it. This will allow you to distinguish yourself much better on the market among a dozen or even several dozen designers operating in the same area. You can find out more about this in other posts on the website.

6: You just have to be human

How many designers, how many orders, so many different stories. Some are better, some are worse, but each project is a work with a specific person, sometimes lasting many months. In this type of work, you have to daily contact with people. You need to be able to listen and understand also what your customers sometimes don’t say. And then put it all on paper and implement it in the form of a properly arranged interior in which the client will feel good. If you are also an introvert, you may find this kind of work quite tiring for you.

7: Learn to be flexible

Remember that your client, not you, will live in the interior you design. A specific interior style is one thing, and the customer’s preferences are another, equally important thing. Some clients have a clearly defined vision, others may change their minds many times at every stage of the work. You must be able to flexibly adjust to changes. Sometimes, even if the customer does not change his mind, you will have to change the project, because the sewage pipe turned out to be in a completely different place, or the delivery of the ordered goods is delayed and the deadlines are losing.

8: Take care of your portfolio

Maybe you can talk interestingly about colors and fabrics for hours, but if you do not have an interesting and professional portfolio presenting your projects, there will be much fewer orders. Just starting out on the market? Start by arranging your home or work at a discounted price for family or friends to expand your portfolio. This way you will show that others trust you. However, remember to invest time (and sometimes money to hire a photographer) while capturing the effects of your work. The photos in your portfolio are the first thing your potential client will see and it is mostly based on them that he will decide whether to call you or go to competitors.

9: Stay competitive

Interior design is a competitive business. One of the keys to success is getting attention. It starts with a great portfolio. the second important element is education. Another element is specialization and awareness of who your client really is. Remember that your services are used by specific people. Be aware of the problems your potential customers usually face and build the image of your company by offering solutions to their problems. Set yourself apart from the competition not by offering a lower project price, but by better tailored services.

10: Be aware of the virtual possibilities

Thanks to various computer programs and the Internet, you no longer have to be limited to providing services only in your city and its surroundings. Gain knowledge and skills in designing virtual walks, thanks to which your client will be able to see the interior of his future home before the renovation team appears in it. Remember that most of the customers who use the help of an interior designer have no spatial imagination. Here, telling about the appearance is not enough, and the renderings have already become an absolute standard

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